"We are a part of Nature, and at the same time,that particular part of Nature, that is able to observe Nature

- and therefore, observe ourselves"

-Inger Christensen


The diversity and the contrast in Man and Nature inspires me.

In my paintings I aim to integrate the portrait with more abstract forms, inspired by the structures, shapes, surfaces, colors and movements in Nature.To me, there seem to be a parallel between the human face and Nature, where both can be experienced as a metaphor for change and transformation in life. Here we find the whole spectrum from dark to light, from the destructive to the life-giving elements, from the earthly to the transcendent.All the nuances in the physical (like in the facial markings and in the furrows of the fields) as well as the psychological and emotional state of minds, are sources of inspiration and the central point in my work.

On the basis of sketches from, for instance, different kinds of photographs, combined with a more expressive and abstract approach to the painting, the portrait appears. I follow the creative impulse and work with the intuitive and spontaneous process, where it not always is possible to predict how the painting will develop.

I´m interested in the elements, often the contradictions that creates a dynamic expression - and enjoy the dance between the controlling part of the process and the releasing part that sets the image free.

I work with the relation between the figurative and the abstract, the relation between painting and drawing and the interaction between the thoroughly worked parties and the more immediate and free expression.


Born in 1973

Lives and works in Aalborg, Denmark


UKK (Unge Kunstnere og Kunstformidlere)

Education/Studies in Art

2001-2002 Art student, The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

(The Faculty of Graphic Arts and Drawing)

2000-2001 Art student, w/ Artist Darek Ostrowski, Copenhagen

1998-1999 Art student, The school of Arts, Ærø

1996-1997 Studies for Art Teacher, Open University at Teachers College

1995-1998 Art student, The Art school of Northern Jutland, Aalborg

Other Studies

2012-2015 For inspiration to my work, and to get a bodily perspective on emotions and facial expressions,I have studied with actor Pia Mourier - piamourier.dk.Worked with different kinds of characters, analysis of scripts, monologue and body language

Art Fairs

2021 Art Fair Hamburg / Galleri V58

2020 Art Odense/Galleri V58

2019 Art Herning/ Galleri V58

2019: Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg/ Galleri V58

2019 North Art Fair, Aalborg/Galleri V58

2018. Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg / Galleri V58

2018 Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm / Galleri V58

2018 North Art Fair, Aalborg / Galleri V58

2017 North Art Fair, Gallerie Rasmus

2005-2011 Art Copenhagen, Gallerie Rasmus

2005-2011 Art Herning, Gallerie Rasmus

Solo exhibitions

2023 Galleri V58, Aarhus

2016 Nordjyske Medier, Aalborg

Anders Draghes Gaard, Nyborg

2011 Gallerie Rasmus, Copenhagen

2009 Gallerie Rasmus, Copenhagen

2009 Gallerie Rasmus, Odense

2007 Gallerie Rasmus, Odense

2006 Gallerie Rasmus, Kolding

2005 Gallerie Rasmus, Copenhagen

Group exhibitions

2022 Galleri V58, Spring Exhibition, Summer and Wintershow

2021 Galleri V58, Artists of the Gallery

2021 Galleri V58, Wintershow and Spring Exhibition

2021 Galleri V58, Summershow and Pop Up Exhibition in Skagen

2020 Galleri V58, Aarhus, Spring, Summer and Fall Exhibition

2019 Dronninglund Kunstcenter, Portrait Exhibition

2019 Galleri V58, Aarhus, Spring, Summer and Fall Exhibition

2018 Galleri V58, Aarhus

2017 Brandts 13, (Gallerie Rasmus), Odense

Easter Exhibition, Brønderslev

2010 Dronninglund Kunstcenter, Anniversary Exhibition

2008-2010 Galleri Tavi, Skagen. Summer Exhibition, Gallerie Rasmus

2007 Utzon Naturcenter, Skagen, Gallerie Rasmus

2004 Gallerie Provence, Vadum

Dronninglund Kunstcenter

Gallerie Rasmus, Odense

Gallerie Rasmus, Copenhagen

Other exhibitions

2015 Aalborg Theater, Artist Talk and exhibition

Vendsyssel Theater, Artist Talk and exhibition

Publications (DK)



Mad & Bolig

Alt for damerne

Alt Interiør



Den Obelske Familie Fond